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PIccoli frutti




Easy listening captivating and with cultured roots, an operation that is not exactly simple that Evy does very well: you can feel Sergio Caputo's all-Italian and ironic swing at every groove (better, at every bit), as the deepest roots of the best Italian song by Sessanta and Settanta. From the songs of the howlers to Buscaglione , Carosone , Mina , Luttazzi . It is no coincidence that the only two covers of the album are dedicated to Bruno Martino - the pleasant and tantalizing interpretation of "Dracula cha cha" - and Nicola Arigliano with the amusing / noir "The penguin in love". And a pinch of music from the best Italian films with a preference for masters such as Piero Umiliani and Piero Piccioni.

The imprinting of the sixties and seventies is strong, an ancestral bond rooted in Evy that manages on such a solid basis to build a sparkling style of its own, full of suggestions, soul winks, pleasant cocktail atmospheres, a touch of electro pop / reggae eighties (just nice "Rudy Is Typing"). A joyful lightness that pervades every song.

Alessandro Staiti, Mp news



Many 'small fruits' for a colorful pop basket. Sweet, inviting, winking when necessary, thriving with genuine products, at zero kilometers it would be to say, since the genre 'from producer to consumer' is now so fashionable.

A pleasant 'total' pop , humming and light , evident also in the titles and texts, colored and crossed by a good background mood which, together with the keyboards in evidence, represent the common feature of the many 'small fruits'.

Dario Quarta, Qui Salento



It would be a good life, if Piccoli frutti was a San Remo album or it was rotating on commercial radios.

Arnesano's style is that of lounge music , with brilliant, ironic and delicately jazzed arrangements , densely pop . VERY PLEASANT !

Simone Bardazzi, Rockerilla




A handful of songs as light as caresses .

The CD collects eleven light songs, including lounge and style exercises inspired by the Italian song of the fifties and sixties.

(...) His authorial register prefers soft and 'radio' pop songs, but gives his best when he turns towards sketching, winking, cultured and amused quotation in which even the voice sounds more convinced and convincing.

(...) Arnesano has talent and was in this sense among the first movers, of a female scene now rampant in Puglia.

(...) the confirmation of the originality of a comèdienne of the song that deserves other means and other occasions.

Fabrizio Versienti, The Corriere del Mezzogiorn o.





(...) In short, nine original songs in which lightness is a carousel that alludes to velvety worries (in the rock steady of La prima volta, in the robotic reggaettino of Rudy Is Typing), hanging out on the pure radio with a radiance as disarming as joyful, see The malice twist of Every round dot (does anyone remember Lio?), the swinging verve of Small fruits and a On a carpet of apologies as you would expect from the languid granddaughter of the Alan Sorrenti piacione . Fresh proposal, captivating and not at all trivial: not really an easy combination.

Stefano Solventi, Il Mucchio




(...) this second work by the enterprising singer-songwriter has a title that fits perfectly with ten, plus the "closing credits" of "Sigla", songs: ten sweet, nice, fresh and juicy fruit. Dessert or cocktail music , like what was done when cocktails were drunk in a suit and stylish dress dancing swing, twist and cha cha cha. The past brought back to life by these vintage notes is made of carefree loves - or not, but always told lightly even when they make you suffer - Billy Wilder and Canzonissime films. Romantic comedies of the past with a jazzy pop playing with the fifties and sixties but also a bit with the eighties ("On a carpet of apologies") and with the present day, days of electronics and new stories letters ("Rudy is typing").

Letizia Bognanni, Rockit




A record, "Piccoli frutti", which seems almost a variety show , made of images of a TV that no longer exists, the black and white one, made of sketches, ballets and illustrious guests. It is no coincidence that the last track bears the title "Sigla". A colorful, positive album : Arnesano puts in a good mood, it's not a small thing.

Gianfranco Valenti, Velvetmusic.it



(...) is a journey between eras and music clubs, where everyday life becomes poetry, where music becomes enchantment and dance together. It is a praise to love, where simple in they become "round dots", which like stars give shape to shining constellations. A eulogy to life, where the hard work of conquest becomes "little big fruit". Where a man's advances become a "Don't blow me", with which to refuse in an ironic shuffle, as in an old fifties jazz club. It is a passionate and romantic record and it is also a tribute to great jazz musicians of the past (...). But it is also an epochal bridge, a broad vision of listening and production (...)

Luana Campa, Tagpress.it






Tipa ideale



In Arnesano you can catch hints of Pigeons, perfumes of Umiliani and an aftertaste of Morricone . A disc suffused with bossa , melodies taken from non-existent films of the seventies, those with Bolkan, with a pervasive and still current design.

Tommaso Labranca, TV movie



Evy Arnesano: how to bypass the industry and live happily.

From producer to consumer, from artist to fans. Without intermediation.

Flavio Brighenti, XL Repubblica



Feminine refinements, exotica-moine titled "Tipa ideale" in the manner of a Lorraine Bowen tip from the knitting needles of Rita Pavone.

Enrico Enver Veronese, BLow up



A riot cocktail lounge , jazz, bossanova, samba, Italian neo-melodic song of the past. Eight months of work and it was worth it.

Massimo Padalino, Rockerilla



It will be for the beautiful coquettish appearance, it will be for those ways of doing bossa-swing-pop that short-circuit the guru lounge Umiliani & Piccioni, Sergio Caputo, the naive playfulness of the sixties and certain faintness of the eighties (we have finally found our Lio ?), The fact is that the swinging On the bank of a river, also in this case taken from the debut Tipa ideal is already hummed in all the showers of the beautiful country.

Stefano Solventi, Sentireascoltare



A fresh , sweet and sunny cocktail , full of positivity and optimism, which speaks of love but does not rhyme with the heart. A pop cocktail , elegant and whimsical if necessary, not at all banal and deliberately simple, not at all pretentious and quality.

Dario Quarta, Qui Salento



The CD is a tasty collage of lounge pop that takes into account in an original way the plays accumulated over the years: Umiliani, Piccioni, Sergio Caputo.

Francesco Adinolti, Alias, The Manifesto



The Apulian-born songwriter , who personally deals with music, arrangements and lyrics , combines two opposite and complementary tendencies in catchy and cheeky songs: on the one hand the use of programming and modern means of communication, on the other the love for the compositions of the sixties / seventies and the rediscovery of the Italian tradition , including the sphere of author's soundtracks.

Elena Raugei, Out of the Pile



Disco with a crazy sound and performance, which goes by between memories of the two Pieri, by Franco Godi , hints of swing, soul at Neffa, always enjoyable and relaxing . With so much passion and honesty inside.

Renzo Stefanel, Rockit




Thirteen self-produced tracks that draw on a musical imaginary populated by rhythms that retrace bossanova and samba, with a particular swing propensity that restarts, in the female, from the point where Sergio Caputo had given it to pop music to write a chapter of national songwriting pop .

With an explicit dedication to the masters Piero Umiliani and Piero Piccioni, Tipa ideal combines the ironic use of old fashioned musical genres with texts that play with sentimental points and affective commonplaces, without losing heart in romanticism but rather sketching idealized love stories or relationships archived.

Francesco Farina, Corriere del Mezzogiorno




Rhythm, spontaneity, irony, lightness, creativity, melancholy merge in a continuum, precisely, indefinable that envelops and that stuns for its malia.

Nicola Pice, Musicletter



Such an initiative can only peep from the very personal cut given to the eleven tracks, all small squares that orbit around his life, sentimental and pulsating reflections, which are ingenious between the genres without losing in sound identity. It is a kaleidoscope of impressions:

Paolo D'Alessandro, The island that wasn't there





From sound to samba rhythm, to atmospheres with jazzy veins up to the audacious electronic touch , the thirteen tracks represent the thirteen projections of an ironic but vulnerable Evy capable of a background lightness that marks the kaleidoscopic emotional variations of a contemporary Alice.

Marta Campi, Musikbox




Sweet as honey and nice as his songs. Romanticism takes on an eternal adolescent tone. And she emerges from daily problems counting on 7 friends called notes. Solar and light-hearted , she built her fan base thanks to web 2.0. Communicate without too many filters. She bares herself without emotional modesty, but ironically. Show heart wounds.

Stefano Cuzzocrea, Rivistaonline





Evy Arnesano's voice moves along the territories of an original cross-over between jazz full of swing, carioca suggestions, lounge rhythms, echoes of white reggae , splinters from the sixties soundtracks.

Pietro d'Ottavio, The Republic





The texts seem Almodovarian .

Eugenia Romanelli, The Daily Fact




Beginning with jazz-bossanova and samba rhythms, the singer's spontaneous and sarcastic poetry unfolds along the eleven tracks, which gradually get closer to a more traditional pop. The result is a (a) typical portrait of a girl next door, curious and easygoing in interpersonal relationships.

Michele Palozzo, Onda Rock




Tipa Ideale ”could well be a CD of soundtracks for a film set between the Sixties and the Seventies.

Ilenia Beatrice Protopapa, MP news




The stories are autobiographical born from an end of a love relationship and from stories lived by the author and other people and common to many other people. So complicated but simple stories to understand them. But it is the music and style of Arnesano that made the 13 songs exquisite : from the first listening it puts you in a good mood. Ideal type should be listened to as an alarm clock in the morning, in the shower, when you vacuum and while you cook. Each piece could become significant for the soundtrack of a film and an advertising spot .

Gloria Berloso, Bravo online




Rich arrangements, cared for, "expert" , tropicalism and Caribbean touches, suffused jazzy impulses and vital sincerity, alternate with boxes and more intimate pieces, all equipped with a sort of artistic "lightness" that enhances the most spendable sides in the commercial field and radio, without falling into spurious tricks by exaggerating fit and sinning with substance.

Giampaolo Cristofaro, Audiodrome




Cheeky and sparkling album.

Giulia Nuti, The People of the Blues





Sounds ranging from swing, be bop , Latin reflections and variants that whisper reggae tones are the salt of the arrangements of Arnesano which, behind her ostentatious shyness as an eternal child, hides the character of the shrewd singer-songwriter determined to explore the many territories of human nature with its many facets.

So each of his songs, where in addition to revealing the infinite desires of his nature as a woman, speaks to us of strange encounters, romantic characters, inner drives, glimpses between dream and reality, a whole fantastic world, sung with a vein of proverbial malice, which reflects the interiority of our singer.

Vittorio Renzelli, Backlight




The texts, linked to love, although minimalist in character, do not trivialize the complexity of the affective sphere but describe it intimately. The arrangements are reminiscent of sometimes forgotten sounds, which go well with the images evoked by the lyrics. And certain songs by Nicola Arigliano , the irony of Sergio Caputo - the song "Tipa Ideale" is an example - come back to mind, between a round of bossanova and a reggae accent .

Pietro Scaramuzzo, Extra




Di Evy is particularly striking in the spontaneity and refined simplicity of the lyrics , blown slowly by a voice educated not to disturb the pleasant rhythm of his music.

Eugenio Ripepi, Artwhere




Fresh, solar , impregnated with heat (in this period it takes), human energy. So what will we taste once the paper that wraps the candy called "ideal type" is discarded? A thousand flavors (and as many sensations): electronics (excellent use of keyboards), bossanova, synthetic reggae (What you don't know), chillout , hints of jazz. But, taste after taste, the true soul of the disc is revealed, the filling: the sweetest and sugary pop (without exaggerating).

Marco Gargiulo, Magmusic