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Evy Arnesano (Evelina, San Pietro Vernotico, Br, 19/04/1969), musician, songwriter, producer, blogger, pebbles naive paintings 

Raised in Squinzano (Le), I lived 24 years in Bologna . I have been living in Rome since 2014.

As a child I studied classical piano privately, up to the fifth year.

In Bologna I started a musical path of keyboardist-chorister with the female group ska-reggae Tremende , remaining seven years in the formation with which I recorded two CDs (Accelerare e slow down, Gridalo forte records-Roma 1998 and Non ti fermare, Gridalo forte records -Rome 1996), contributing to the writing of the music and the arrangement of the pieces. Together with the band I performed in numerous concerts also outside Italy (Switzerland and Germany) on the occasion of ska festivals and evenings with international guests including the English formation of Bad Manners.

Together with the group I cauti (formed specifically for the project and composed by me and the two Bolognese musicians Franco "Jamaica" Barletta and Gianluca "Pecos" Grazioli) I artistically produced the second CD of the Salento artist Papa Ricky , 13 simple recipes, Jungle records-Bologna 1997, in which I also participated as keyboard player and chorister, as well as in the relative tour (1997-98).

Subsequently I was on tour as a keyboardist and chorister with the Roman reggae band Radici in cement with which I recorded the CD Alla invescia, Bloom – Milano 2001, in which I arranged and played the keyboard and piano parts.

Also as a keyboard player I worked live with Alessandro Coppola's band, Nidi d'Arac , in 2001.

In December 2009 I released Tipa ideal (also present in digital stores), the first solo album entirely produced, written and arranged by me, dedicated to the eternal memory of Piero Umiliani and Piero Piccioni . One of the tracks on the CD track list is dedicated to them, the instrumental Da Piero.

I received a certificate of merit from the quality jury in the third edition of the free music competition . Free the music , announced by the music portal of the Emilia Romagna Region , with the song On the bank of a river also included in the compilation created for the occasion.

In May 2010 I was a guest of Franco Simone in his television program Dizionario dei feelings , together with the great Giuseppe Pambieri . (Gold tv and Sky)

I was a guest of Serena Dandini in the episode of 22 February 2011 of the transmission Parla con me su Rai 3. Note n. 1

I am one of the authors chosen by Paolo Belli to participate in the Young and Beautiful recording project in which the Emilian artist sings the song Deliziose visioni in duetto with me. I also made the cover of this CD in addition to having participated in the artistic production of my song together with Belli.

I was a guest of the television program I Fatti tue su Rai 2 together with Paolo Belli to present the song Deliziose visioni, on 23/09/2011. Note n. 2

Since April 2011 I am one of the bloggers of Il Fatto Quotidiano . Note n. 3

On 14 and 15 May 2011 I participated in Social King on Rai 2.

I have been a guest of numerous radio broadcasts of Radio Rai, such as: Brasil, Start, Personal invitation, Stereonotte and Demo on Radio Rai1 (of which the song Every round dot has been the closing theme since 24 October 2011 for five weeks), Italian night on international Rai Radio, Ztl and the night of the independent on Isoradio.

I appeared on the cover of the Udi 2012 free to work calendar.

I am one of the forty Salento women workers portrayed by as many journalists in the book Honeycomb , Esperidi editions, 2013 Note n. 4

In autumn 2013 I participated in the video spot for HIV prevention We are sure of Luna Gualano together with numerous artists including Piero Pelù, Caparezza, Piotta and others. Note n. 5

On 3 October 2013 I performed at the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari in the theatrical recital Serena Dandini and Maura Misito's Wounds to death . Experience also repeated on December 17, 2013 at the Paisiello Theater in Lecce . Note n. 6

My second CD, self produced, Piccoli frutti was released (also digitally) on December 9, 2013. This second album was also entirely written, produced and arranged by me and printed with the contribution of 212 donors through the Musicraiser website . Note n.7 I spoke about the project during the Panel "Power to the public - The new music market, between talent and crowdfunding" at the 2013 Medimex in Bari). Note n. 8

It collects the 6 singles previously published on digital stores (reworked, remixed and remastered for the occasion), and a series of unpublished works plus two covers: Dracula cha cha by Bruno Martino and Il Pinguinoamoramorato , in homage to the fellow countryman Nicola from Trieste Arigliano .

Among the finalists of the first edition of the National Women of Author Award I performed in Lecce on April 12, 2014 at the Paisiello Theater.

I was one of the protagonists of the Next Lecce di Repubblica , an innovators party, on May 8, 2014 at the Paisiello Theater in Lecce. Note n. 9

The song Each round dot was included in the project by Michele Monina, Anatomy female 2.0 (Friends4 artis, 2014): a book and 50 songwriters talk about the woman's body. Note n. 10 With Michele Monina there had already been a collaboration at the time of his 2010 novel, Milanabad (Castelvecchi) for which I and other artists had written the introductory epigraphs of the chapters of the book.

I have never had a record company nor a manager nor a press office. This DIY feature has often been highlighted in articles and reviews that concern me. Note n. 11

In this period of absence from the music scene, I embarked on a new artistic project: Talking stones, naive painted stones. A project that began individually that results in four-handed creations, in a sharing of life and creative dreams together with Renato Rizzelli .

Numerous exhibitions in the capital and in my Salento.


I participated as an appearance in the Suburra series, in the film by Ferzan Ozpetek, Fasten your seat belts and in that of Giovanni Veronesi, A woman for a friend . Note n. 12

In the past I had already covered a second role in the film by Lucio Pellegrini Tandem and worked as an appearance in numerous films shot in Bologna including E poi mambo by Lucio Pellegrini, Almost blue by Alex Infascelli, Ravanello Pallido by Gianni Costantino, in some commercials between including Proraso and music videos including I will be there by Piero Pelù.

As a blogger, I made a contribution to the instant book Facebook Nova 24 del Sole 24 ore, on newsstands in November 2008

In 2009 I took part in the documentary Tim Techlovers- stories of technological happiness and unhappiness ( ), following the victory (third place) of a web contest organized by Techlovers in the early months of 2009. Note n. 13

The attention of the media towards the activities of bloggers and "self made woman" (after the production of the so-called "ideal type") meant that the student of the Master's Degree Course in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production Akio Takemoto was interested me, presenting the paper 'On the road to a thousand authentic fans' at the exam of Economics and marketing of the audiovisual product. (29/04/10) Note n. 14



2009 - Tipa ideal (self production)

2013 - Small fruits (self production)


  • Papa Ricky , 13 simple recipes, Jungle records, Bologna, 1997

  • Size 42 , group with which she collaborated as author of the text of the song 'Tu non mi stanchi mai', published on the cd Due, Universal-Milano 1999

  • Sara 6 , (ex singer of size 42) with whom she collaborated as author of texts and music on the cd Visioni, Zapping records-Faenza 2001

  • Roots in concrete , Reverse, Bloom - Milan, 2001

  • Nidi d'Arac , live, 2001

  • 400 Colpi , a Bolognese group for which he curated the arrangement and performance of keyboards and piano in some songs of the album Fagiani in fuoco Audioglobe-Firenze 2002

  • Dwomo , Spanish duo for which he curated (together with Fivedollarman) the remix of two tracks published respectively on the CDs "Descalzos en la luna", Droeastwest-Madrid 2004 and "Los errores de occidente", Droeastwest-Madrid 2002

  • Paolo Belli , with whom he duetted in the cd Giovani e Belli, 2011

Video clips

2011 - Every round dot

2012 - Rudy is typing

2013 - The love of a Luporso , shot in Trentino with the photographer and videomaker Leonardo Fabbri (


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